HKBU Second-hand Items Exchange Platform
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Available for all BU Buddies for reselling or giving away items
  • Free of charge!
Reducing waste by reusing second-hand items
Tailor-made platform for UGH residents
  • Easy sorting of common items used in Halls
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Convenient Platform for Residents
Reducing waste by reusing second-hand items
How It Works
1 Create an account
Create your own account with your HKBU email address without any charge.
2 Upload info of your second-hand items
Select categories of your items. Upload multiple items in one go and illustrate your items with photos and descriptions.
3 Leave your contact information
Provide your contact for the deals.
4 Select a mode of exchange
Select a mutually convenient way to exchange second-hand items.

Why establishing the HKBU second-hand items exchange platform?

Millions of tonnes of municipal solid waste are produced in Hong Kong every year and most of them are generally delivered to landfills for disposal. The huge amount of solid waste generated from our daily lives is imposing a heavy burden on the limited capacity of our landfills in Hong Kong.

HKBU has long been advocating environmental conservation among members of the university's community. The purpose of establishing this on-line exchange platform is to provide a convenient way for all BU Buddies to give away or resell their personal items to others for the sake of reducing the amount of solid waste being generated. Your unwanted items might be valuable treasures in the eyes of others.

Hand in hand we make a better environment.